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Getting the Invitation for Windows 10

Getting Windows 10 is quite simple. I am sure most of you tech enthusiasts must be having itching hands to try this new windows out. The windows has finally come out after it’s famous announcement almost a year ago. This free operating system has almost every one excited. Some of us are still reluctant to try out anything, but the free price tag definitely get us all on the bandwagon.

It must be noted that not everyone will get Windows 10 as soon as they ask for it. There are millions of computers that need to be upgraded and since this all on the internet, Microsoft is taking their due time. Which is understandable.

windows 10First of all you need to reserve your copy. You may have noticed a Windows 10 icon. You need to press this.

After that another Window will open which will tell you how to reserve and install your copy. You need to press the “reserve your free upgrade”. After this, it will prompt another window that will be checking all of your system requirements. If your PC can support the new windows, it will display “You’re good to go!”. Don’t worry though, if you computer had supported Windows 7 and windows 8, it would easily be able to support Windows 10.

After that another window will pop up congratulating you on reserving your upgrade.

Now you need to install the Windows itself. Remember to back all you files up. The windows 10 installation can take a long time. So installation process itself is quite simple. First the new windows will prepare itself then it will show you some various options for personal preference. One of the best things about Windows 10 upgrade is that you can choose to keep all your files and apps in place. This is not something that will wipe your drive clean.

After that, it is just the matter of Windows 10 getting installed. This can take a very long time especially if you don’t have an SSD.

Here is a video of how to install Windows 10

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Should You Get Multiple Monitors in Your Office?

People will tell you that having a multiple monitor setup in your office boosts your productivity. In fact, these days an office looks lacking and empty without a proper multiple monitor setup. They say that if you distribute your windows across multiple screen you can get your work done much faster. So if you have a dual monitor setup, you could have your research window on one screen and word processing software on another. If you have a third monitor, you could well have a window for email on it. Although all this sounds too exciting, but is it really worth it?

In most part it depends upon the type of work that you perform. If you are stocks or Forex trading with trading on multiple counters, a multiple screen is kind of a must because you cannot afford missing even a second of your trade. If you are in programming, you would hardly need more than two. If you research a lot, then a good FHD monitor could do as well. And yes, the resolution does matter. One a FHD monitor easily fits two screen side by side. HD monitors, on the other hand, do not have that much real estate.

There was an experiment that had taken place in the University of Utah in 2003 to see whether multiple boost the levels of productivity and if so by how much. The results were quite intriguing to say the least. The research showed that the participants saw an increase of 44 percent to 29 percent improvement in productivity for word processing and spreadsheet work respectively when they switched to dual monitors. This is science. So according to science, you should opt for a multiple monitor display for your office. However, it should also be noted that back then, the monitors used were 17″. Now a typical office monitor is anywhere from 20″ to 24″. This is much more comfortable.

Now with the release of recent technologies like WQHD, QHD, UHD resolution, you can fit a lot of windows on screen. You see, in the end it is all about the pixels. If you have more pixels, you have more real estate to work on. So higher the number of pixels, the better would be your productivity. These higher pixel monitors have a much higher advantage as compared to the multiple monitor setups. They can cost less for starters. Along with that they do not have the bezels that separates the monitor. You get one single continuous screen.

So in the end remember, it is not the amount of monitors you have that matters, it is the amount of pixels you have on your display. For office, if you want to work comfortably, these days I would recommend a resolution of 2,560×1,440. It does not matter whether you achieve this, or close to this, via a single monitor or multiple monitor. Of course you can go higher than this, but that would mean a higher investment on your part.


Advantages of a Mechanical Keyboard

mech keyboardMany people are not aware of this but there are many types of keyboards in the market. Most of the people only know a wired keyboard and a wireless keyboard. They do not know the fact that keyboards are also built with different mechanism. The keyboards that most of us normally use are called membrane keyboards. These are the average keyboards that can be bought for fairly cheap. The other type of keyboards are mechanical keyboards. These are rare and expensive. Mostly they are catered to gamers but most of the typists and enthusiasts also find them quite useful.

PC world has some great information on this topic as well.

They say that once you use a mechanical keyboard you will never go back to the membrane keyboards. Their feel, their sound and their quality makes them a thing to have for many. Their only drawback is that they are quite expensive. In fact they cost twice or even more than thrice the price of a normal conventional keyboard. They are also more feature laden. They use the latest technologies in the market such as n-key roll over, full backlit keys as well as dedicated macros keys that make them expensive still. So what is the advantage of a mechanical keyboard?

The biggest advantage of a mechanical keyboard is that you can choose how your keyboard should feel. Mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX Key switches. These switches are color coded and every single switch has different specification. The specification of a Mechanical keyboards Cherry MX Key switches is based on following:

  • The sound: Each key has a different sound that it makes. Some make tactile sound other don’t make a sound at all.
  • Actuation point: This is the distance that you need to the press where it will get registered by the computer. Some keys have very shallow actuation point, whereas, others have a deep actuation point. If you are a fast typist then you would prefer a shallow actuation point. If you require precision, you would want the deeper one.
  • Weight. This is the actual weight of the keys. The heavier the keys the more pressure you will need to apply to the press the key. This depends upon your hands. If they are strong, then go for the heavier ones, if not, then go for the lighter ones.

mechanical keyboardThey are made by some of the highly established brands out there such as Alienware, Steelseries, Roccat etc. They are also quite expensive; however, they are one time purchase as they are built with highest quality material and they would rarely get spoiled.

You should note that some of the oldest keyboards, the big and bulky ones used be mechanical ones. So if you have used any one of those, you would know the feeling.

These keyboards are loud and yes that is drawback, You can get switches that supposedly do not make any sound, but that isn’t 100% true. Mechanical keyboards almost always make more noise than a conventional keyboard. This could be an issue during recording. If you are recording videos with a high quality mic where you need to type, then the mic will easily catch the keyboard presses.

They are also significantly heavy, but that is mostly due to their superior build quality and use of high quality material.

With the mechanical keyboards, you may need to first get acquainted with the typing itself. The typing on these keyboards feels nothing like it does on a conventional keyboard. However, once you do get used to it, you will never re track to a conventional keyboard.

You do need to know that it does not matter whether you have a high end PC or not. It does not matter whether you are a gamer or not. If you want to have a better tool for typing, then get a mechanical keyboard. For writing reports, blogging, chatting online, mechanical keyboards can truly revolutionize your typing experience.

You can also read up on my other guides such as the guide to buying a computer.

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Getting a Refurbished Laptop, Worth It?

Has it happened that you come across a great laptop that just suits your needs. You look at the specs it is awesome and then you look at the price and think this is perfect. And then you lay your eyes on a label that says it is “Refurbished” or “Certified Refurbished”. Most of the people get put off by this label. They think a certified refurbished model is a defective model. It is also the second hand nature of things that may put you off. Obviously every body want to get a “brand” new laptop. Well unfortunately the case with getting a brand new laptop is that they don’t come remotely as close to the value a refurbished model gives you. So if you can accept this label, you can open up a world of excellent notebooks out there.

refurbished laptopSo what is a refurbished laptop? This is usually the first question that comes in mind. You maybe wondering: is this a second hand laptop? No, it is not a second hand laptop. This is basically a brand new laptop and I will explain how. Suppose someone buys a brand new laptop. This laptop has an issue with the wireless card (or any component), that customer will return the laptop and get a replacement for it. However, the company does not throw the defective laptop away. It fixes the problem and sells it anew that is as perfect as the original laptop. This time, though, the price of the laptop has been cut significantly. Here are few key things to note regarding refurbished laptop:

  • Certified refurbished laptops are sold by the original manufacturer. Don’t think that this is a second hand laptop that is being sold by someone personally.
  • These laptops have a great value. You will usually find laptops that are 30% less in price as compared to the original model.
  • You can get refurbished laptops even for the latest models. They will not be available as soon as the original hits the market, but give it a little time and you will see it in the market.
  • A refurbished laptop is as a good as new. All of its defects are fixed.
  • Refurbished laptops do not have as good of a warranty as the original laptop. And this is where the drawback lies. Some of the refurbished laptops don’t even come with warranty. However, most of the laptops such as the laptop from HP will usually have 3 months warranty. This is sufficient time to test the product out for any kind of defects.

So if you are going to get a laptop, do not underestimate refurbished laptops. They can surpass your expectation in terms of performance and in their value. Do not get put off by the refurbished label because refurbished laptops are as good as new and original laptop. Their only drawback is their warranty coverage. If you happen to find a model of a laptop that you like which also has a refurbished version available, go for the refurbished version. You will not regret your decision for sure.